25 Days of Christmas!
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25 Days of Christmas | Day 4, Your Intuition

We each have unique intuition. You know, that feeling that makes the hairs on your arms or the back of your neck rise up when you know something or someone just isn’t right. It’s that thing we call a “gut feeling” because we often really do feel it in our gut that we need to flee from a person or situation.



Your intuition is special to you. You might be the only person who detects that something is awry and you may believe in your soul and feel it all the way to your toes…because your intuition, your gut feeling, is unique.

Some of us have a keener intuition because we’ve learned to listen to it. We pay attention to what that feels like. A stranger might enter the room, the aisle in the store, your driveway…and they may appear completely harmless. But your intuition tells you otherwise. It tells you to get out and remove yourself from the situation. Now.

Your gut might tell you not to go down that road (literal or figurative), not to take that job or buy that house or answer that door. It’s a very cool thing, intuition. I think God gives it to us as a sort-of compass and personal warning system.

I can tell you that my intuition has kicked in quite often and it hasn’t steered me wrong. Your intuition is a unique perspective, special only to you. Listen to it. Feel it. It’s a strength and another aspect that makes you special, makes you unique, and makes you amazing.

Be encouraged,

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