5 blogs for when you need inspiration

5 Blogs for When You Need Inspiration

When I was feeling discouraged and tired recently, I was lounging around (maybe feeling a bit sorry for myself and the 3,472 doctors visits and tests I have coming up), and found some blogs I really enjoyed. For different reasons, they encouraged and inspired me. And gosh, who doesn’t need some of that these days?

These blogs have fantastic Instagram accounts too and since I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately, Instagram is actually where I discovered most of these blogs. I love a “pretty” blog. The aesthetics will draw me in at first blush. That’s why it’s so important to use nice photos on social media: pictures are seen before the words; if the picture is of poor quality, then readers might move on and miss out on your incredible words.

But these particular blogs, have some beautiful content too: words, advice, tips, humor. Take time to peruse each one and see for yourself. Let me know what you think, if you follow any of them already or if you plan to start now.

(Side note: None of this lovely gals know I’m writing this.)


The Lettered Cottage is divine. Layla Palmer is FUN. Her Instagram videos crack me up. I actually seek them out now. I don’t wait for IG to show them to me. No way. She and her husband have a cute relationship (like the kind we all aspire to) and they seem to genuinely have fun together. She’s kind of a girl-next-door-who-you’d-like-to-be-your-bestie. Layla has great fashion sense as well.

Her blog is about home, decor, family, adoption, and photography, to name a few things. Her blog and Instagram are both places of inspiration for me.


Phylicia Masonheimer is a super inspiration. I discovered her recently on Instagram too. She actually lives in my state so it was a cool thing to find someone sort of nearby. She has a segment on her Instagram videos where you can ask her anything on Mondays. (I think it’s actually called ‘Ask Anything Monday’, but don’t quote me). She’s currently expecting her second child so she talks and writes about pregnancy, home birth, Christianity, home organization, frugal living, and just a whole bunch of really interesting topics.

She inspired me to get organized in my home. I watched a video of hers and how she scheduled and neatly listed pretty much everything in her organizer, from meals to chores to personal goals. I’m a serious list-maker so I ate that right up. I always have a calendar book to keep on track and organized, but I really dug in and improved, thanks to Phylicia. She’s an Aldi shopper and shares some recipes and ideas for their meals. They eat really healthy and on a crazy cool budget. Oh, and she has a podcast!


Laurie Yost  is super funny gal. She and her pastor husband were missionaries in Mexico for several years. She’s pretty much the trifecta: published author, talented singer, and a professional speaker. Her blog will inspire you and sometimes make you laugh. Her book Stumbling Along: One Woman’s Journey of Falling into Embarrassing and Hilarious Moments is indeed hilarious and you can find it on Amazon.

Laurie is also a fellow Michigander and from what I hear, she has more books in the hopper. (Geeking out over that!)


Tenacious Mama is gorgeous. The blog, the Instagram photos, the woman, the name. Go to her Instagram profile and check out her photos. Right now. Do it. I’ll wait.

Aren’t they incredible? In the About section of her blog she says immediately that this place about the “everyday woman.” That’s you. That’s me. Her blog, words, and material are all stunning and inspiring. There are travel pics and food pics, and she appears to make celebrations works of art.


She Lives Vintage  is Jillian and she herself is gorgeous, along with her blog. Her tagline is “Inspiring women to live boldly, in style, with grace.” Perfect. She also has a free 16-page Ebooklet that she gives away free on her blog titled Chasing Dreams in Faith and Heels. It’s about “pursuing the female boss life while keeping your Christian principles.” Sold. I’m going to download this right now, actually.

Jillian has unique high style. Her social media game is strong (as my kids say), and she will share with you how to beef up your social media muscle too. I appreciate how she takes the whole #girlboss thing and keeps it, like she says, within Christian principles while empowering women. It’s a win-win.


These women all have some things in common: motherhood, girlbossing, succeeding and working hard, while being everyday, regular women that we can all learn from and laugh with.

Tell me. Which of these intrigued you? Did you click on one blog? All of them? These girls are incredible. They’re growing their platforms – some of which are already huge. People are following them because they have something folks want to see, read, hear, and be a part of. I encourage you to check them all out. Comment and share with us what blogs or social media accounts inspire you the most and why.

Isn’t that why we’re all here? To encourage, uplift and empower one another?


Inspire me,

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  • Reply Jackie September 20, 2017 at 6:03 am

    I clicked on Tenacious Mama’s blog and I loved her story about her five-minute delivery on expect the unexpected…God has done so much for her; to try having a baby for 4years is not a joke. This is exactly what I needed to push through today.

  • Reply Melissa September 20, 2017 at 11:07 am

    What a fun tribute! I already follow a couple of the lovely ladies on various social media platforms but I’m excited to check out the other ones, too! Your posts are always inspiring and helpful, too! Thank you for the fun new reading material! God Bless

  • Reply Kim September 20, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    I’m always looking for new and encouraging blogs. Thank you for the tips! Can’t wait to check them out 🙂

  • Reply Michelle September 20, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to visit these blogs!

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