5 Things You Should Know About Yourself
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5 Things You Should Know About Yourself

Guys, we made it to February! The first month of the year is already a memory. Isn’t that crazy how quickly that flew by? Most of the US battled back against freezing weather, some ridiculous snowfall totals, and this even occurred in the warm-weather states!

Yet here were are in February, throwing glances into March when spring will officially arrive in name if not in actual weather. But it’s getting there. Just in the past week or so I’ve noticed that it’s not dark at 5 p.m. anymore. Actually, at 6 p.m., I delight in the fact that there’s still a decent amount of light!

Friends, we have good reason to feel optimistic. Life might be tough right now. Maybe a lot is going on or you’re frustrated with finances (when are things ever going to get better?). Is there a health issue or a relationship one?

Well, guess what? No matter what might not be perfect right now, you’re not alone. What you are is actually special and you might not be aware of just how much. So I’m going to tell you, because you  might need to hear right now the 5 things you should know about yourself that maybe you don’t.

You’re Strong Yep, you really are. I know when times get hard, you feel anything but strong. Tough times are stressful and exhausting, and even walking can feel like you’re trudging through mud. You feel weak. But the fact that you’re still trudging proves your strength. You’re not a quitter. You can walk this challenge and the good news is, you don’t have to walk alone. God will walk with you if you let Him.

You’re Beautiful Fact. It doesn’t matter one bit if you’re the “perfect” size or “perfect hair”, the right nails, makeup, shoes…It doesn’t matter because your beauty isn’t about what you look like. It truly does come from the inside out. I know it’s an old adage about “beauty is from within” and it’s true. If you don’t have a beautiful soul with compassion and love, it affects your outside. Because you have a perfect face, doesn’t mean it makes your personality good looking. Be beautiful to look beautiful.

Your Dreams Matter Are you living your life for others? That’s not a bad thing. We love to serve our children and our spouses and put them first the majority of the time. I do it and I’ve done it since the minute I knew I was expecting my oldest child. My life became all about my children and what was best for them. I make no apologies for that and I certainly have no regrets. Hey, we get to have our own dreams too though, friends. It’s not too late to start that business you’ve wanted to start for years. Or (ahem) write that book that’s been rattling around in your head. Or skydive. Or travel. Or whatever it is that’s tugging at your heart to make happen. Do it. Get started. Make a plan and take the first step. Go! What are you waiting around here for? 🙂

You Should Demand Healthy Relationships Oh, people. This is a big one. It can affect all other aspects of your life, bad or good, depending on whether you demand the healthy relationships or not. It took me 40-something years to understand what boundaries really were and how to utilize them. And I haven’t looked back. Look, guys, it’s not always easy to use those boundaries. But it’s super necessary to use in order to prevent folks from hurting you, walking all over you, and abusing the relationship. It’s not about conflict. It’s about respect and when you get right down to it, love.

It’s Okay to Stand Up for Yourself Did this make you a little scared? It does a little for some of us. We can stand up for others all the livelong day, but when it comes to standing up for ourselves if someone is treating us crappy, we shrink back. I’ve been that way all my life and most people I know are the same. And why? Why is that? I mean, if we wouldn’t allow our friends, siblings, children, parents, or pretty much anyone else be mistreated, why is it so natural for us to accept bad treatment of ourselves? We are just as valuable as the people we’re willing to defend. We all have the same value. We were created by a loving Creator and He doesn’t love you more than me or me more than you. So know your value. Know it. Grasp it. Remember it. You really, really, really, 1000 times really, deserve to be loved and cherished and treated like the beautiful person you are. Do. Not. Accept. Less.

You are amazing. Don’t forget it…

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  • Reply Penny February 2, 2018 at 6:41 am

    I love this post. Thanks so much for being such an encourager. Bless you.
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  • Reply Barbie February 2, 2018 at 11:41 pm

    Thank you for this beautiful encouragement.
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