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5 Ways to a Merry Christmas

5 Ways to a Merry Christmas

Friends, it’s almost Christmas! It’s just a few days away as I write this. I’ve been so busy and I’m pretty sure you have been too. Boxes and bows and malls and cookies and all that, right?

I’m not ready. Are you? I still have a few things to purchase, everything to wrap, and most of my baking to do. Some of you are probably far more organized than I. Others of you might not even have started their Christmas prep yet. Continue Reading

25 Days of Christmas, Shoes, Style & Sense of Humor

Shoes, Style and Sense of Humor

Okay, friends, life got super busy and stressful for the past few days here. I’ve had lots going on and, oh yeah, it’s Christmas! So I haven’t gotten to all of those 25 posts I mentioned. So in the spirit of health and the holidays, I’m going to consolidate. You can also catch up with some of your fabulous qualities on my Facebook live videos.

If I told you about our multiple car issues the past couple of days in our extended family, you wouldn’t know whether to cry or laugh. It included four cars, two tows, two repairs, two flat tires, breaking into our own home because our house keys were mistakenly left with the mechanic…and a partridge in a pear tree.

See? Life isn’t always a perfect little present wrapped up in a fancy bow. But we ride it out in style the best we can. Continue Reading

using your boundaries during the holidays

25 Days of Christmas | Using Your Boundaries During the Holidays

Hey, friends! We have less than three weeks until Christmas. How are you holding up? All your presents wrapped? Are they even purchased yet? Yeah, I’m working on that part too. I’ll get there. I always do. You will too.

As the holidays approach, you’ll have parties you’ll attend, probably at least one family get-together. Many of you may have a family member whom you might not love seeing and maybe you’re glad you only have to at Christmas.

Continue Reading