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Join us for the 'Too Blessed to Be Stressed' devotional giveaway
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‘Too Blessed to Be Stressed’ Devotional Giveaway

“Ready to rescue readers from the joy-sucking dully-funks, Too Blessed to Be Stressed: Inspiration for Every Day offers up a daily dose of devotions featuring truth (gift-wrapped in humor) for a woman’s heart.” (From the back cover of Too Blessed to Be Stressed).

'Too Blessed to Be Stressed' book review

‘Too Blessed to Be Stressed’ book review. Photo Courtesy Melanie S. Pickett

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turquoise table in woods. be selfish with your energy
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Why You Should Be Selfish with Your Energy

Are you tired?

I’m tired.

Often. Like every day I’m tired no matter how much sleep I get. Or don’t get, because I’m in pain or too hot or too cold. Autoimmune disease is a real picnic, if you don’t already know.

But this isn’t a whine-fest. I’m just laying down a couple of facts about me and Crohn’s disease as the groundwork for my point. Continue Reading