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Google home mini giveaway

Christmas Ideas | Google Home Mini Giveaway

Okay, friends, it’s November. How on earth did that happen so fast?? I’m in Michigan and it was literally 70 degrees a week ago, and yesterday it snowed. Snow. That’s a naughty word in my book. I don’t love it. I sometimes like snow when it’s non-threatening and looks pretty, and my family is safe at home with proper snacks and a lovely movie to snuggle in and watch together.

As soon as the calendar changed to November, I said to myself in disbelief, “Next month is Christmas!” I don’t really want to know how many shopping days I have left because I can feel the pressure to prepare already. I have bought exactly zero presents so far. I’ll get it done. I always do. Continue Reading

'The Stray' movie for the whole family. family in 'The Stray'

Giveaway | How a Dog Saved a Family in ‘The Stray’

Photo Courtesy Front Gate Media. 'The Stray' movie giveaway. family in 'The Stray'

When a stray dog walked into their chaotic lives, the Davis family had no idea how much they needed him. Based on a true story, The Stray tells the tale of screenwriter Mitch Davis, husband and father of three, trying hard to live out his dream in Los Angeles. Mitch (Michael Cassidy, Argo, Batman Vs. Superman) and his wife Michelle (Sarah Lancaster, The Judge, Chuck), sold everything to move to LA so Mitch could live out his dream as a screenwriter. Instead, Mitch has taken a safer path, working day and night as a studio executive.   Continue Reading

when you're being abused
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

Exit Strategy | What to Do When You’re Being Abused

You’re in the midst of an abusive relationship. Your self-esteem and confidence are so low you question every decision you make. You believe you can’t survive on your own without this man, so how you can you possibly leave? 

But how can you stay? Every day you walk on eggshells, praying that today won’t be “too bad”, that he won’t hit you, won’t scream at you, won’t twist your words into something they were never meant to be.

You pray you can get through the day and all the many responsibilities you have without being under constant criticism about how you’re carrying out those tasks; how you can do this better or stop doing that or “let me show you how to do that right.” Because nothing you ever do is…right. Continue Reading