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Abuse and Self Care

5 Things You Should Know About Yourself
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

5 Things You Should Know About Yourself

Guys, we made it to February! The first month of the year is already a memory. Isn’t that crazy how quickly that flew by? Most of the US battled back against freezing weather, some ridiculous snowfall totals, and this even occurred in the warm-weather states!

Yet here were are in February, throwing glances into March when spring will officially arrive in name if not in actual weather. But it’s getting there. Just in the past week or so I’ve noticed that it’s not dark at 5 p.m. anymore. Actually, at 6 p.m., I delight in the fact that there’s still a decent amount of light!

Friends, we have good reason to feel optimistic. Life might be tough right now. Maybe a lot is going on or you’re frustrated with finances (when are things ever going to get better?). Is there a health issue or a relationship one? Continue Reading

when you're being abused
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

Exit Strategy | What to Do When You’re Being Abused

You’re in the midst of an abusive relationship. Your self-esteem and confidence are so low you question every decision you make. You believe you can’t survive on your own without this man, so how you can you possibly leave? 

But how can you stay? Every day you walk on eggshells, praying that today won’t be “too bad”, that he won’t hit you, won’t scream at you, won’t twist your words into something they were never meant to be.

You pray you can get through the day and all the many responsibilities you have without being under constant criticism about how you’re carrying out those tasks; how you can do this better or stop doing that or “let me show you how to do that right.” Because nothing you ever do is…right. Continue Reading