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Abuse and Self Care

5 Reasons Women Stay
Abuse and Self Care

5 Reasons Women Stay

A classic question from people when they realize you are or were in an abusive relationship is “Why did you stay?” It’s an incredibly complex question and the answers are probably different, depending on who you ask.

Here are five reasons to consider: Continue Reading

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10 Aspects of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is psychological abuse used to manipulate and control someone. I’ve been a victim of such mistreatment and maybe you have too. Maybe you’ll recognize a relationship one of your friends is in, or your daughter, mother, or sister. Maybe it’s your own relationship. It was mine and now, I want you to get a glimpse of the red flags that might indicate early on that a relationship could turn even more abusive. This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. Of course, there can be other aspects of emotional abuse not included here. This is my personal experience… Continue Reading

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Put On Your Warrior Pants

Can you believe we’re staring down the end of January already? Weren’t we just watching the ball drop in Time’s Square on television?

I hope 2017 has been good to you so far. It’s been treating us pretty decent. I’m counting on that continuing all year, better than decent.

The Crohn’s disease seems to be in a stupid flare. Chronic illness bites, I can’t even tell you. I’ve been battling this beast since I was 18. Probably even before then. As I look back, I can remember some wicked stomach aches in my earlier childhood and I wonder sometimes…was that Crohn’s then or some precursor to it? Continue Reading

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The Value of Tears

Where there’s brokenness, there’s also hope. It’s been when I feel the most despair, loneliness, wandering…that I feel hope closest to me. Because in those moments there’s so much possibility of what can become.

…what can be better, what can repair, what can heal.

After my first marriage and the collapse of our world into a heap of ugliness, questions, and darkness a few years ago, it was a time of deep despair and great hope, all at once. Continue Reading