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when you're being abused
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

Exit Strategy | What to Do When You’re Being Abused

You’re in the midst of an abusive relationship. Your self-esteem and confidence are so low you question every decision you make. You believe you can’t survive on your own without this man, so how you can you possibly leave? 

But how can you stay? Every day you walk on eggshells, praying that today won’t be “too bad”, that he won’t hit you, won’t scream at you, won’t twist your words into something they were never meant to be.

You pray you can get through the day and all the many responsibilities you have without being under constant criticism about how you’re carrying out those tasks; how you can do this better or stop doing that or “let me show you how to do that right.” Because nothing you ever do is…right. Continue Reading

5 blogs for when you need inspiration

5 Blogs for When You Need Inspiration

When I was feeling discouraged and tired recently, I was lounging around (maybe feeling a bit sorry for myself and the 3,472 doctors visits and tests I have coming up), and found some blogs I really enjoyed. For different reasons, they encouraged and inspired me. And gosh, who doesn’t need some of that these days?

These blogs have fantastic Instagram accounts too and since I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately, Instagram is actually where I discovered most of these blogs. I love a “pretty” blog. The aesthetics will draw me in at first blush. That’s why it’s so important to use nice photos on social media: pictures are seen before the words; if the picture is of poor quality, then readers might move on and miss out on your incredible words. Continue Reading

she's not really your friend
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

But What If She’s Not Really Your Friend?

What is a true friend? Do you know? Do you have one? As I’ve observed some relationships the past few years – including my own – I’ve realized that the people we consider friends, aren’t always deserving of that title.

We blur lines between who says they’re our friend and who actually lives the role. I’ve seen this play out a lot with teenagers, especially. Not just my own teens, but my friends’ children as well.

I see grown women and teen boys and girls want so much to have friends that they will accept people as “friends” when they act like anything but what a true friend should act like. Continue Reading

love yourself enough. woman smiling in meadow of flowers
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

Love Yourself Enough

Loving yourself is probably one of the things furthest from your mind.

It feels selfish to even ponder the notion, doesn’t it?

We think of loving our children, our spouses, our parents, friends, but ourselves?

I mean, we shop for birthday and Christmas presents for everyone but ourselves.

If you need shoes and the kids need shoes, and there’s not enough in the budget for all those shoes, we both know the kids are getting the shoes, right?

Most of us put everyone else first and ourselves last. And a lot of the time that’s okay, if you ask me.

I’m happy to go to a different restaurant that’s maybe not my favorite because it’s my child’s favorite and it matters more to them and it’ll make them happy. That’s barely a sacrifice. I don’t consider it giving in. I consider it no big deal.

If my child needs shoes and I need shoes, my kid should get the shoes first. That’s how I operate.

Here’s what you need to know today:

Love yourself enough to put yourself first every now and then by grabbing a treat, taking a nap, making sure you’re cared for.

Love yourself enough to pursue your dreams. There’s no time like the present to do at least one thing (no matter small) each day to bring that dream closer to reality.

Love yourself enough to make time for exercise and hobbies you love.

Love yourself enough to go to the doctor when you need to, not to skip those appointments because you get busy. You know your body better than anyone so don’t ignore things that could be important.

Love yourself enough to have good friends you can call, text, and go out with every now and then, and share great laughs.

Love yourself enough to wait for a beautiful, selfless love.

Love yourself enough to make sure you’re respected in all your relationships, and that you and everyone else use appropriate boundaries.

Love yourself enough to love yourself the way you are and know that you’re worthy of incredible love.


You are beautiful,

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