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Living a Fierce MidLIFE

Today launches a revolution, the Global Forever Fierce Day Celebration, where women across the globe who have decided to live a fierce midlife share their stories and the stories of others, to encourage, inspire, and support.

I’m 47. I don’t try to hide my age. Apparently, neither does my face. I believe I wear trauma, illness, and pain from my experiences on my face by way of these pesky lines and wrinkles. It’s a little hard to swallow sometimes, I will admit, watching myself age.

Guess what though? Those lines are gifts. I’ve survived and I’m here to tell you about how I earned those lines, the stories they tell, the triumphs they represent. Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Know About Yourself
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

5 Things You Should Know About Yourself

Guys, we made it to February! The first month of the year is already a memory. Isn’t that crazy how quickly that flew by? Most of the US battled back against freezing weather, some ridiculous snowfall totals, and this even occurred in the warm-weather states!

Yet here were are in February, throwing glances into March when spring will officially arrive in name if not in actual weather. But it’s getting there. Just in the past week or so I’ve noticed that it’s not dark at 5 p.m. anymore. Actually, at 6 p.m., I delight in the fact that there’s still a decent amount of light!

Friends, we have good reason to feel optimistic. Life might be tough right now. Maybe a lot is going on or you’re frustrated with finances (when are things ever going to get better?). Is there a health issue or a relationship one? Continue Reading

Melanie S. Pickett 5 Ways to Happy New Year.

5 Ways to a Happy New Year

In just hours, we will clink glasses, exchange kisses, hugs, and wishes for a happy 2018. And we will hope and pray for the brightest year ahead. Some will be a little sad because maybe 2017 is the last year they had a loved one. Others will do whatever they can to speed along the time until the clock chimes midnight, and like Cinderella leaving the ball, will race full on into 2018.

What will we do once we get there? What do you hope will become of the new year? We can make all the typical resolutions to be more organized, get out of debt, get in shape, “new year, new you”…Those are actually pretty great goals for all of us. But what if there’s something more? Continue Reading


Merry Christmas to YOU!

Friends, we made it! It’s Christmas Day! Thank you for all your support this year. I sincerely hope that I’ve been a source of encouragement for you and that I’ve inspired hope that good things await and you’re stronger than you know.

May this day be filled with warm feelings. Whether you’re home alone and not able to be with family, working, traveling, or surrounded by loved ones, I pray your day is filled with true comfort and joy, and you know just how special you are.


Merry Christmas,

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