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World IBD Day: Sometimes I Hate My Guts

It’s today. May 19th. World IBD Day, a day we (as a world) try to bring even more awareness to IBD: what it is, what it’s like to live with it, and how you can help.

I have Crohn’s disease and I’ve battled this beast since I was 18 years old. I started getting sick my freshman year in college and it took off like wildfire, affecting my thin, teenage, stressed-out body. In those 27 years since, it’s been better and it’s been much, much worse. I’ve crawled my way back from near-death a few times. I refuse to let it get me. Continue Reading

How to Avoid an Unhealthy Relationships
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement, Health

How to Avoid an Unhealthy Relationship

Last week was important for me and my family. It marked five years since something quite tragic happened to us. I shared about it here in three parts: it took that many to get the story of That Day and our lives since it, out.

How encouraging and healing that experience has been and the support was overwhelming.

I shared because when we raise our voices, others will feel empowered to raise theirs…to share their stories, to encourage others, to leave their harmful situation.

Sharing helps lessen the stigma about domestic abuse. It’s important to know that verbal, emotional, and mental abuse are every bit as much abuse and, as damaging as, physical abuse. It’s just that the scars are often invisible. Continue Reading

Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement, Health

Why Narcissism is More Than Just Arrogance

I took this Narcissism Quiz today on Time Magazine’s website.

I scored well below the national average and I’m more than 10 points lower than what they consider “flirting with narcissism.” I wasn’t worried. I’ve seen real-life narcissism-the scary kind-and it isn’t me.

You’ve probably seen the real thing in action though, right? It’s exasperating to deal with someone who is a true narcissist: Continue Reading

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The Drama Vacuum: Don’t Get Sucked In


The word itself looks looming, suspicious that it’s something a bit shady.

Most of us don’t like drama. We cringe when we sense it coming. We’re already tired most of the time and engaging in drama takes more energy than we have to spare.

What if someone comes at you with false accusations? Unfair badgering? Unfounded judgements?

You want to defend yourself, right? Set them straight? I mean, your very reputation may  be at stake here. Continue Reading