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My Word for the New Year

Can you believe it’s the end of 2016 already? As I thumb through my social media feeds I notice so many folks have endured such pain this year, in one way or another. Not to mention the recent loss of beloved celebrities and an exhausting election year. The theme is a resounding “we can’t wait for 2017!” Continue Reading

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The Truth About Life (& a Giveaway!)

The truth about life is…it’s hard. One theme of 2016 I’ve heard repeated is that it was pretty hard on a lot of us. Some folks are just weary from the weight of the year. We’ve gone through rough patches of all different sorts.

UPDATE: The winner of the Ann Voskamp The Broken Way study pack is…SUSAN LANDRY! Congratulations, Susan!

Continue Reading

Photo of a college campus. Child leaves for college.
Encouragement, Life Is Beautiful

When Your Child Leaves for College (and Takes Your Heart with Her)

We’re in single digits now. That is, number of days until we move my girl into her dorm room.  Throughout her senior year, I teared up (sometimes outright cried) at all the “lasts.” Her last fall drama. Her last high school musical. Her last Prom. Her last Spanish Club meeting. Her last last day of high school.

Then came graduation. That was a crazy tough one for me. I was bursting with pride when she climbed the stage, her gown adorned with honor cords and medals. She did us and herself proud. I swore I could still see the bouncing toddler who never left my side and wanted to scoop her up and run away from all this growing up stuff and slow it all down. Continue Reading

All the World's My Stage graduation cap
Encouragement, Life Is Beautiful

My Kid is Graduating and I’m Not Ready

I had a few moments to relax the other day during this busy season in which my kid is graduating, and as my eyes fell closed, I tried desperately to go back in time in my memories so I could listen again to the sounds of my children’s younger voices.

With all my heart I wanted to hear those toddler and little-kid voices, feel their little selves as they melted into my arms when they were sad or tired. I wanted to remember the exact way it felt when I’d hold them in my lap and read them stories or sing to them as they drifted to sleep for the night.

I wanted to be present back when they were tiny and came bounding into a room, excited to see me and share something new they’d discovered. Or when they were simply playing on the floor with toys and turned to look at me and say “I love you, Mommy.” Oh my heart. Continue Reading