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Triumphant Tuesday
Triumphant Tuesdays

Finding My True Worth Has Made All the Difference

Over the course of my life I’ve faced many challenges. Child abuse, a dysfunctional home, and an overly sensitive nature stacked the deck against me during my early years. But none of those difficulties affected me more than my ongoing struggle to discover who I truly am in Christ.

I was a shy child. Too eager to please, and awkward, I somehow swallowed the lie that I wasn’t worth much. Continue Reading

author CeeCee James choose to compliment Whitney's story
Abuse and Self Care, Triumphant Tuesdays

Triumphant Tuesday | Author Cee Cee James

This summer, I went into a tattoo parlor for my tattoo I’ve been wanting forever to cover up scars from hurting myself as a teenager. A compass, but instead of North and South, I wanted my kid’s initials.

This isn’t something I did lightly. I get there’s a lot of controversy and opinions over tattoos. I prayed and thought about it for a long time, and the desire never left. Continue Reading

author CeeCee James choose to compliment Whitney's story
Triumphant Tuesdays

Triumphant Tuesdays | Everything He Gave Me

Welcome again to Triumphant Tuesdays: Women Triumphing Over the Everyday & the Extraordinary! Please be encouraged by Mea’s story today and visit the stories from past weeks. You can read more about Mea at the end of this piece and find where to follow her. 

Writing is hard stuff.  Especially when I’m sharing my personal story.  Ask me to write about branding or rebranding your business and I’m all over it.  Write something that encourages others? Absolutely!  Write a devotional or Bible study?  Sure, I’d love to give it a try!

Put my real-life, personal story out there for others to read?  That makes me feel a bit like a fish in a bowl.  My story is fraught with ups and downs, false starts, failure, and just outright hard times.  My story truly is a story of the lowly. Continue Reading