'The Stray' movie for the whole family. family in 'The Stray'

Giveaway | How a Dog Saved a Family in ‘The Stray’

Photo Courtesy Front Gate Media. 'The Stray' movie giveaway. family in 'The Stray'

When a stray dog walked into their chaotic lives, the Davis family had no idea how much they needed him. Based on a true story, The Stray tells the tale of screenwriter Mitch Davis, husband and father of three, trying hard to live out his dream in Los Angeles. Mitch (Michael Cassidy, Argo, Batman Vs. Superman) and his wife Michelle (Sarah Lancaster, The Judge, Chuck), sold everything to move to LA so Mitch could live out his dream as a screenwriter. Instead, Mitch has taken a safer path, working day and night as a studio executive.  


But while Mitch works grueling hours, sometimes even overnight at his office, his young son Christian (Connor Corum of Heaven is for Real), withdraws from Mitch, angry because of his dad’s constant absence in his life. When bullies are teasing Christian on the playground, out of nowhere a dog comes to Christian’s defense. From that day on, Christian and his new dog, Pluto, are inseparable and Pluto becomes part of the family.

'The Stray' movie in theaters now! family in 'The Stray'

‘The Stray’ movie in theaters now! Photo Courtesy Front Gate Media

The Stray is a wonderful family film. There is no innuendo or foul language. I would be very comfortable with younger children watching this film. It’s a lovely time out with family to witness the growth of the Davis family and the lessons they learned about their own family and following their dreams.

And you have the opportunity to win tickets for your family! Enter the giveaway right now and share with your friends! This is a great family outing and a perfect weekend activity as we welcome in autumn and cooler weather.

'The Stray' movie for the whole family. family in 'The Stray'

‘The Stray’ movie for the whole family. Photo Courtesy Front Gate Media

My family truly enjoyed this film, even my teenagers remarked that it was very good. It kept our attention, tugged at our hearts, made us laugh, and we felt inspired when we left the theater.



Front Gate Media provided my family and me the opportunity to view this film and offer my honest opinion about it. 

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