25 Days of Christmas, Shoes, Style & Sense of Humor

Shoes, Style and Sense of Humor

Okay, friends, life got super busy and stressful for the past few days here. I’ve had lots going on and, oh yeah, it’s Christmas! So I haven’t gotten to all of those 25 posts I mentioned. So in the spirit of health and the holidays, I’m going to consolidate. You can also catch up with some of your fabulous qualities on my Facebook live videos.

If I told you about our multiple car issues the past couple of days in our extended family, you wouldn’t know whether to cry or laugh. It included four cars, two tows, two repairs, two flat tires, breaking into our own home because our house keys were mistakenly left with the mechanic…and a partridge in a pear tree.

See? Life isn’t always a perfect little present wrapped up in a fancy bow. But we ride it out in style the best we can.

And your style, sense of humor, and – yes – your shoes are more reasons I celebrate you today.

All three of these things are unique to you. They tell a lot about you as well. Your style, whether it’s edgy or simple, conservative or casual, all say different things about your life and style. And they say different things on different days. If you wear a special ring or necklace each day or you’re constantly changing things up, your sense of style is likely something you’re known for, something people expect. It’s personal to you.

There’s a certain way you put yourself together, those touches only you make. A simple scarf or a flashy ring. They’re all indicative of your personality and showcase it.

And just like our style, our senses of humor are distinct. It feels so good to laugh so we love people who make us laugh. There’s a feel-good hormone involved with laughter. We each have those remarkable ways we make people laugh. There’s dark humor, deadpan, goofy, punny, sarcastic, risque. There’s that quirky sense of humor I share with my best friend. We laugh at the dumbest things that nobody else understands, but it’s hilarious to us.

Your sense of humor is a beautiful aspect of your personality.

Can we talk about shoes? My love affair with shoes runs long and deep. I’m romanced by cute shoes and edgy boots. I have dozens of shoes. Is that a lot? I don’t even know.

But you can tell a lot about someone by the shoes they wear. And the story they tell is different every day. Today, I’m sensible in warm boots. It’s freezing (four degrees this morning!) here, and comfort and warmth will win out today over being super stylish.

In warmer weather, I love a great pair of wedge heel sandals for date night or cute, comfy flat sandals during the day with shorts, or comfy sneakers if I’m doing some walking.

In the fall and winter, I’ve got to have my boots. Lots and lots of boots. I have wedge heels in a few different colors and have embraced the ankle booties. (They’re so cute!) And how I’m feeling on a given day will dictate what’s on my feet.

Shoes indicate profession. Are you wearing steel-toe safety shoes? High heels for the office? Comfortable sneakers because you’re on your feet a lot, maybe a nurse? Anything and everything in between. Dirty work boots spell out just that…physical labor.

Friends, even these things – style, shoes, and sense of humor – are delightful, thoughtful, incomparable things about you that are three more things that make you spectacular. Don’t forget these, please. There’s a plethora of negative garbage coming at us on the daily. I’m trying to combat that and remind you of how wonderful you are. Maybe this is the first time anyone has used that word when speaking about you. But you are wonderful. I know it. I want you to know it too.


Own your fabulous,

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  • Reply Penny December 15, 2017 at 3:39 am

    I love the variety of shoes you mention. I have a few pairs, some very treasured. Although I don’t get out a lot, I still like my feet to look nice. Even if it’s just comfy vans. Which reminds me, I should invest in anothet pair. Thank you for being such an encourager. ☺

    • Reply melaniespickett@gmail.com December 17, 2017 at 9:26 am

      I want a pair of Vans! They look so cute when I see people wearing them. I usually wear boots or sandals exclusively, but I’ve really started finding cute sneakers.

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