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When Will We Believe We’re Worthy?

What is your worth?

When faced with this question, you likely wouldn’t throw out a dollar amount. You might even give the correct answer: “I’m priceless.”

So why don’t we live like we believe that? I have trouble embracing that truth sometimes too!

When I write and talk about self-worth and our views of ourselves, it’s because I’ve struggled with it and I know if we don’t properly value ourselves, we’re at great risk for be mistreated and facing lives of mediocrity. Neither of these things is meant for us! Continue Reading

my story the day I became a victim
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My Story: That Day I Became a Victim

Five years ago this very morning, I became a victim of violent sexual assault, a widow, and a single mother.

I’ve eluded to this in my writing from time to time, sharing with you many times that I know what I’m talking about when I share with you about domestic violence…emotional abuse…verbal abuse…physical threats…

They’re all in the pages of my personal history book.

But until now, I haven’t shared the ultimate demise of that abusive relationship, a day that’s forever burned into my memory and turned our world on its ear, causing us to grab hold of our faith in a desperate clutch like never before. Continue Reading

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Celebrity Interviews from Eternal Salvation (Part 2)

Welcome back for Part Two of my interview with Eternal Salvation costars Bradley Snedeker and Darren Dupree Washington!

Yesterday, I shared with  you my conversation with Bradley about his experience with this family-friendly, thought-provoking movie and I’ve had a wonderful response to this interview. Folks who hadn’t yet heard of this film are excited to see it and others were impressed with what they read during the interview. Continue Reading

Encouragement, Life Is Beautiful

When I Made Love My Idol

It’s been a bit since I posted. Life has been incredibly and happily busy. My children were both involved in musical theatre for the past few months and their show and the weeks prior occupied our lives. It was a joy and I was happy to put them first and cheer them on. Today, I’m back and sharing with you a guest post from a new friend, Kerrington Sweeney, President and Founder of Uniquely Yours Ministries. I think you will really enjoy this…                                                                                                           
Leviticus 26:1(a) “Do NOT make idols…”


There I was, 18 years old and I already was creating myself an idol that would eventually lead to destruction.

This idol was something I desperately wanted, craved, and thought about on a daily basis. This something, I was willing to do anything for.

That idol was….Love.

This crippling condition drove me to the extremes of wanting any young man that would show interest and give me some sort of attention. I was wholeheartedly willing to put aside my standards, lay down my plans and dreams for a future God-Written love story, in desperate hope that someone, ANYONE would have me.

It was in a Sunday Church Gathering that I had a moment of conviction about this idol. When I had seen a beautiful loving couple walk into church and my first thought was “Why can’t that be ME?! Haven’t I been patient and served you well enough God?!?” When those last words were thought, I just knew something was wrong.

A hardness began to cover my heart. Well enough? What am I even talking about?!… I could never serve God ‘well enough’ to receive that as my reward, so to say. How did I come to this point of assumption of earthly blessings from God? I carried a demanding, selfish heart of expectation. Ouch! I know. Pretty harsh, right?

I felt the need to get on my knees at the altar that particular Sunday morning. I began to weep as I recalled all the demands and expectations I had ‘put’ on God. My idol had won. I was beyond consumed. I stepped back from my situation and began to realize that, that so-called void in my heart that started this mess in the first place, could have easily been filled if I was to seek God first, before I sought after my own selfish earthly desires.

“Anything I put before my God is an idol. Anything I want with all my heart is an idol. Anything I can’t stop thinking of is an idol. Anything that I give all my love to is an idol.” —Jimmy Needham (Clear The Stage)

Today, I summon you to stop. Examine your heart. Do you have an idol? If so, Give it up to God! Let Him fill any of your heart-voids. Never forget dear friends, that YOU are LOVED.

Until Next Time,


Kerrington Sweeney is President & Founder of Uniquely Yours Ministries, ( a ministry dedicated to challenging, equipping and encouraging women. She is honoured that God has entrusted her with this adventure of Ministry Leadership at such a young age.

She actively volunteers and serves on various leadership teams at church and in her community. She carries a strong mantle of community, a heart to love the unloveable, and walks with divine purpose to empower and compel women of the faith. She feels God’s ‘call’ to one day embark on the journey of a lifestyle fully committed to ministry.

Melanie S. Pickett, Kerrington Sweeney, Uniquely Yours Ministry