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I Don’t Wait Anymore Giveaway

Have you been waiting for life to turn out the way you expected?

Grace Thornton was.

“But after my life plan was ripped away, I felt like everything I had was exposed and up for grabs.”

Can you relate to how Grace was feeling? Has the rug been ripped right out from under you and what you thought were these wonderfully solid plans, were nothing more than sand falling away into the cracks? Continue Reading

Giveaways, Life Is Beautiful

Adorenaments! (Giveaway!)

I was blessed to receive the collection of Adorenaments to use so I may formulate and offer my unbiased and honest opinion of these items that are part of FamilyLife’s Ever Thine Home collection.)

The stockings are likely hung by the chimney (or mantle or wall with those handy Command hooks…) with care right about now.

Your trees are beautifully decorated with twinkling lights, ornaments old and new, and probably an angel or two.

But have you heard of these gorgeous Adorenaments from Ever Thine Home? Continue Reading

Giveaways, Life Is Beautiful

Win The Dove Channel for a YEAR!

You try your best to shield your children’s eyes and ears from what they shouldn’t be exposed to on TV and in movies.

You monitor their social media and viewing habits.

I do these things too.  I’m the hall monitor of entertainment for my children!

I’m the gatekeeper that needs to encourage them regularly to police their activities and thought lives because you can’t un-see and you can’t un-hear things that are damaging.

That’s where The Dove Channel comes in.

Imagine worry-free television.

And you’re going to have the chance to win a FREE YEAR of viewing!

Continue Reading