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Stand Up For Yourself and Don’t Feel Bad About It

When I was in college, I had a job through work study on campus. Being a business admin major, I lucked out and got a job in the purchasing office. It wasn’t a lot of hours, maybe less than ten per week, but it put textbook and gas money in my pocket and gave me a unique experience working in a university business office.

It also gave me insight into people. I worked with three wonderful superiors there: Barb, Sharon, and Dale. They were all kind, upbeat, upstanding folks and were happy to teach me. But Sharon, she stood out. I can’t recall her exact title: she had her own office, dressed impeccably, was stunningly beautiful and elegant, a sort-of Sophia Loren of the business world. When she entered the room, everyone noticed. And she was friendly and happy and she was also independent and bold. I took note. Continue Reading

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When Will We Believe We’re Worthy?

What is your worth?

When faced with this question, you likely wouldn’t throw out a dollar amount. You might even give the correct answer: “I’m priceless.”

So why don’t we live like we believe that? I have trouble embracing that truth sometimes too!

When I write and talk about self-worth and our views of ourselves, it’s because I’ve struggled with it and I know if we don’t properly value ourselves, we’re at great risk for be mistreated and facing lives of mediocrity. Neither of these things is meant for us! Continue Reading

My Story part 3 Moving On
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

My Story (Part Three): Moving On

This will round out my three-part post telling My Story. Just like I felt I needed to tell you how we got through those initial days, I want you to know where we are now. (This is long and I can’t apologize. I think in some ways, this third part is the most important of all. It’s my redemption).

It’s important to remember that “That Day” was the worst day, the culmination of years of issues. But nothing prior had rivaled his behavior on that day. Although he’d given me reason to fear him, I couldn’t have imagined that. He wrestled with his own issues that I believe he never sufficiently dealt with and begged him to get help with that, but he wouldn’t.

Note that beginning early into the marriage, the verbal abuse began: nit-picking everything I did, lying to me, infidelity earlier on and then later on again. He wasn’t a partner. He left nearly every household and family responsibility to me, but then would criticize every one of them… Continue Reading

my story the day I became a victim
Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement

My Story: That Day I Became a Victim

Five years ago this very morning, I became a victim of violent sexual assault, a widow, and a single mother.

I’ve eluded to this in my writing from time to time, sharing with you many times that I know what I’m talking about when I share with you about domestic violence…emotional abuse…verbal abuse…physical threats…

They’re all in the pages of my personal history book.

But until now, I haven’t shared the ultimate demise of that abusive relationship, a day that’s forever burned into my memory and turned our world on its ear, causing us to grab hold of our faith in a desperate clutch like never before. Continue Reading