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My Story The Aftermath
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My Story (Part Two): The Aftermath

Yesterday, I shared a significant portion of “my story” and my heart.

It was hard.

You can imagine if you read it, that it makes a person feel quite vulnerable to so openly discuss such painful and personal details.

When I saw the deluge of support and heard from others who’d been in abusive situations, I was reassured in my decision to tell you.

You know what happened now, but I’d be remiss if I only told you about what I refer to as “That Day” but didn’t tell you about the days after. Out of the pain, trauma, and having the very bedrock of our lives shaken, were born some beautiful things, beauty from ashes indeed. Continue Reading

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During the Hard, “Just Show Up”

I have a confession to make.

I agreed to read this book and share my thoughts about it with you several weeks ago.

But I put it off. I knew it would be tough. This book rested safely on my desk between bookends, nestled in between some other excellent reading choices.

I’d look at it and feel a pang that I needed to really get going on it, but then I’d shy away.  Why? you’re wondering.  Let me tell you… Continue Reading

Abuse and Self Care, Encouragement, Health, Life Is Beautiful

You Matter. Period.

You’re sitting at a coffee shop with three of your closest girlfriends, chatting, catching up, enjoying some laughs.

Statistically speaking, one of the four of you beautiful women will experience abuse at the hand (or mouth) of an intimate partner at some point in your precious lives.

One of the four of you. 

And that one blessed friend has a high chance of being sexually assaulted by that same partner. Continue Reading


Kindness, Strangers, and What’s Good About Both

This happened outside my home today.  I saw him back into what he thought was our driveway.  Only it wasn’t. It was a ditch. With all the white out there it was hard to determine which was which. As he gave his truck the gas, I felt his pain and watched him slide deeper into the ditch, solidifying his position. I have been in similar situations many times before…too many, if you ask my husband, so I could relate this man’s plight.  I wanted to be able to help him but I couldn’t. I was home alone and had no ability to pull him out of the ditch. Simply put, I felt really bad for him.  When he got out of his truck, I could see he was wearing what I liken to a mechanics uniform with his name on the front. I imagined he was a hard worker, maybe of slim means and that the deer in the back of his truck might be what would feed his family this winter.

He's really wedged in there.

It reminded me of the many times I’d gotten stuck in the snow, but of a particularly scary time. My son was about three or four years old and we were on the way to pick up my daughter at school. We took the usual route which included a usually well-traveled back road. It was winter and I was careful, but we hit a patch of invisible ice and the next thing I knew, my Jeep was spinning in circles in the road.  I remember feeling terror and that same feeling of helplessness and I still swear to this day that I heard glass shatter as we slammed into the ditch, HARD.  I immediately looked at my son, snug and secure in his car seat. It had done its job and protected him. He had a bit of a stunned look on his face but he was perfectly fine. Thank you, Lord. I checked for cuts, certain the broken glass had hit him somewhere. Immediately scanning the damage, I could see there was none. I had clearly heard glass breaking in the back end of the vehicle when we hit the solid, frozen, deep ditch and now, upon further inspection, the entire vehicle and more importantly, my son and I, were intact.

I breathed a thankful prayer before realizing the road was not well-traveled at all that day. No one was around. It was freezing. My cell phone had spotty service out on this country road and my daughter who was about eight at the time was waiting for us at school, likely wondering where we were right about then. I tried driving out of the ditch but it was literally a no go. We were stuck and we weren’t going anywhere without some help. Once again, I felt helpless. There was nothing I could do but pray and wait. No one was coming for us.

We didn’t wait long until a guardian angel-a kind stranger-came upon us. He had a big pickup truck no less. With his swift help, we were out of the ditch and on the way to get my girl in no time. The only payment he would accept was my gratitude, which I gushed. He was on his way quickly like this was something he did every day on his way by. Though we lived in a very small town at the time, I’d never seen him before or since that day. But I’m still ever thankful for his kindness. He could have driven past us and gone about his day. Surely he had somewhere to be and things to accomplish. He was busy like the rest of us. But he wasn’t too busy to help a mom and her baby out of a ditch. This was over seven years ago and my son and I still recall the kindness of this stranger.

Free at last...because a kind stranger bothered to help.

Free at last…because a kind stranger bothered to help.

So when I saw this (above) happen about fifteen minutes after this gentleman slid into the ditch, I was thankful on his behalf. The man hooked up the trucks, pulled out the stuck truck, and was on his way with a wave. And that was that. But for this man who was previously wedged in the ditch, his whole day was changed, I’m quite sure. He didn’t have to wait in the frigid air for a tow truck and he didn’t have to suffer the expense of one either.  For him and for me me in my situation, the kindness of strangers made all the difference.

What can you do to take mere moments from your day that might make a monumental difference in someone else’s life?