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When Worry and Fear are Paralyzing

I’ve had a bit of a rough week, folks.

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you’re an involuntary participant in an ugly game of dodgeball and you’re the only one getting hit by the ball? Repeatedly?

This week has been a string of a couple of those days. I have a lot on my mind, some real concerns.

At the end of 2015, I discovered a bulge in my abdomen. Immediately I was worried, internally panicked. Having worked in the medical field for 20 years and being a chronic patient (thanks to Crohn’s disease), I know more than the average bear about medical things.  And I’m a chronic worrier so my mind goes to the worst possibility.

I had a CAT scan yesterday. I wait and pray. Continue Reading

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You Matter. Period.

You’re sitting at a coffee shop with three of your closest girlfriends, chatting, catching up, enjoying some laughs.

Statistically speaking, one of the four of you beautiful women will experience abuse at the hand (or mouth) of an intimate partner at some point in your precious lives.

One of the four of you. 

And that one blessed friend has a high chance of being sexually assaulted by that same partner. Continue Reading

Encouragement, Life Is Beautiful

Forties, Freedom, and Faith Lessons

This week I step forth into another milestone year of my forties as I celebrate another blessed birthday. Some people squirm and cringe at the thought of their birthday creeping up; some even claim “I don’t celebrate birthdays any more.” This hurts a little when I hear it. I understand the fear of growing old and facing the sad effects of gravity on our bodies, of looking back in surprise at how much time has passed and how quickly. But every year…every breath…is a gift.  When my birthday rolls around each year, I’m thankful for it. It is a bit sobering, I’ll admit, to see that I’m approaching my mid-forties when I remember fondly the days I thought thirty was ancient.  But I’ve watched my parents face death. I’ve watched friends leave this world. I’ve had my own brushes with it too and I’m delighted to be here. I want to be here. I’ve got a lot to do yet and I’m grateful to be here doing it, to watch my babies grow and experience life with them and my husband.

This age is beautiful. There is an amazing liberation that comes with Forty. I say “Forty” with a capital “F” because the age is like this monument to our freedom: freedom from opinions and self-esteem downers, from giving a crap about what others think because we’ve pretty much come into our own and we’re really good with that.  I wanted to share with you some lessons I’ve learned and things I’ve gained since entering my Forties.  Continue Reading

Life Is Beautiful

Ten Things I Learned and Loved About Paris

Paris: The word, the place, always evokes particular emotions like love, adventure, romance. We think of the Eiffel Tower and croissants, fashion and fancy. A visit to Paris is probably on the bucket lists of most people, especially women.  It was on my bucket list until last month when I checked Paris off my list, having been blessed with the opportunity to finally visit there.

Paris was an adventure indeed. I learned much about the place itself and even a little about myself. In David Letterman fashion, I’m presenting my Paris Top 10: What I learned there and what I loved. Continue Reading