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using your boundaries during the holidays

25 Days of Christmas | Using Your Boundaries During the Holidays

Hey, friends! We have less than three weeks until Christmas. How are you holding up? All your presents wrapped? Are they even purchased yet? Yeah, I’m working on that part too. I’ll get there. I always do. You will too.

As the holidays approach, you’ll have parties you’ll attend, probably at least one family get-together. Many of you may have a family member whom you might not love seeing and maybe you’re glad you only have to at Christmas.

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25 Days of Christmas. You're more talented than you know.

25 Days of Christmas | You’re More Talented Than You Know

If you’ve been following my 25 Days of Christmas posts…the ones sharing over 25 days how I know you are, in fact, amazing, then welcome to day 6. On this day, we celebrate your talents.

What talents? you may wonder. Well, we all have them. No, really, we do. You might immediately think of talents like athletics, academics, and music, singing or dancing, writing, which are all incredible talents. Maybe you’re an excellent organizer or cook or storyteller and you mesmerize your children as you read or tell them stories?



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25 Days of Christmas!
Encouragement, Health

25 Days of Christmas | Day 4, Your Intuition

We each have unique intuition. You know, that feeling that makes the hairs on your arms or the back of your neck rise up when you know something or someone just isn’t right. It’s that thing we call a “gut feeling” because we often really do feel it in our gut that we need to flee from a person or situation.



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