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If You Miss Your Dad on Father's Day

If You Miss Your Dad on Father’s Day

It’s that week again. The one where all the ads on your Facebook feed, on TV, all the shopping sites are all about dads, and the best gift ideas for Father’s Day. And it would be so much fun to shop for and choose the perfect gift for my Dad. If he were still alive.

I had to count back. This is the thirteenth Father’s Day my Dad hasn’t been here. In 2004, his last Father’s Day on Earth, he was in a hospital bed in his living room at home, on hospice. Thank God he wasn’t in terrible pain and we could spend the day with him.

We knew that without a healing miracle, this would be the last Father’s Day he’d be with us. We couldn’t take him out to dinner or buy him something extravagant because he couldn’t do or use anything like that. What would he do with a tie or one more mug now? Continue Reading