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World IBD Day: Sometimes I Hate My Guts

It’s today. May 19th. World IBD Day, a day we (as a world) try to bring even more awareness to IBD: what it is, what it’s like to live with it, and how you can help.

I have Crohn’s disease and I’ve battled this beast since I was 18 years old. I started getting sick my freshman year in college and it took off like wildfire, affecting my thin, teenage, stressed-out body. In those 27 years since, it’s been better and it’s been much, much worse. I’ve crawled my way back from near-death a few times. I refuse to let it get me. Continue Reading

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Boundaries Equal Success and Peace

Boundaries = success and peace.

Boundaries and keeping our power are something I talk about often. Heck, I’d preach about them if someone would let me! They’re so important and if you’ve lived without them being within your control, once you discover boundaries and that you have power, both become so very much more important to you.

For most of my life I didn’t even know the concept of boundaries existed. I think unknowingly I believed that I just had to put up with others’ behaviors even if it meant I was the one getting hurt as a result. Of course, I knew certain behavior of others was wrong and it sure felt wrong, but I really didn’t grasp that I could tell them that.  Thus, I let “The Other” rule much of my life for a long time. Continue Reading

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Stand Up For Yourself and Don’t Feel Bad About It

When I was in college, I had a job through work study on campus. Being a business admin major, I lucked out and got a job in the purchasing office. It wasn’t a lot of hours, maybe less than ten per week, but it put textbook and gas money in my pocket and gave me a unique experience working in a university business office.

It also gave me insight into people. I worked with three wonderful superiors there: Barb, Sharon, and Dale. They were all kind, upbeat, upstanding folks and were happy to teach me. But Sharon, she stood out. I can’t recall her exact title: she had her own office, dressed impeccably, was stunningly beautiful and elegant, a sort-of Sophia Loren of the business world. When she entered the room, everyone noticed. And she was friendly and happy and she was also independent and bold. I took note. Continue Reading

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When Will We Believe We’re Worthy?

What is your worth?

When faced with this question, you likely wouldn’t throw out a dollar amount. You might even give the correct answer: “I’m priceless.”

So why don’t we live like we believe that? I have trouble embracing that truth sometimes too!

When I write and talk about self-worth and our views of ourselves, it’s because I’ve struggled with it and I know if we don’t properly value ourselves, we’re at great risk for be mistreated and facing lives of mediocrity. Neither of these things is meant for us! Continue Reading