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Triumphant Tuesdays | Choose to Compliment

Welcome to another segment of Triumphant Tuesdays: Women Triumphing Over the Everday and the Extraordinary! Today, Sharon Abraham of Simple Musings shares her story. These ladies have incredible blogs, please make sure to see below as well as visit their sites to find out more about them…

β€œUGH!” She retorted. Not a second passed before she looked at me and realized the gravity of her one word comment. Another child had won a prize and well, this little one had not. Continue Reading

choose to compliment

Triumphant Tuesdays | Saved By Grace

Welcome to Triumphant Tuesdays: Women Who Triumphing Over the Everyday and the Extraordinary! This series will showcase courageous women willing to share their personal stories. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, a mom who works outside the home, a caregiver, a CEO, battle an illness or anything else, and all the things in between…you are triumphant over your life. Success comes in all shapes, sizes, and views. If you think your story is ordinary, it’s anything but. We are all extraordinary. This week, Denisha shares her incredible story. Please come back next for the next Triumphant Tuesday and if you’d like to be featured, contact me through my contact page! Now…Denisha’s beautiful words… Continue Reading

5 reasons women stay
Abuse and Self Care

5 Reasons Women Stay

A classic question from people when they realize you are or were in an abusive relationship is “Why did you stay?” It’s an incredibly complex question and the answers are probably different, depending on who you ask.

Here are five reasons to consider: Continue Reading