10 aspects of emotional abuse
Abuse and Self Care, Healthy Relationships

10 Aspects of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is psychological abuse used to manipulate and control someone. I’ve been a victim of such mistreatment and maybe you have too. Maybe you’ll recognize a relationship one of your friends is in, or your daughter, mother, or sister. Maybe it’s your own relationship. It was mine and now, I want you to get a glimpse of the red flags that might indicate early on that a relationship could turn even more abusive. This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. Of course, there can be other aspects of emotional abuse not included here. This is my personal experience… Continue Reading

love letters for brave girls

Love Letters for Brave Girls (and a Giveaway)

As always, you don’t have to share these views to be welcome here. But since we support women here and this is a wonderful resource for women or girls in a time of need, I felt led to share about it, if even one reader needs this. 🙂

I celebrate bravery. Life is tough. We as women…as humans…face challenges and struggles. We need grace in our circumstances, whatever they may be. Every mama needs grace. Every mama needs to be celebrated, to be loved on, listened to, and heard. Every woman needs support, even from strangers…understanding, and hope. At some point or other, we all need help.  Continue Reading