5 Secrets to a happy second marriage
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5 Secrets to a Happy Second Marriage

I’ve read lots of really insightful blog posts and tips about marriage. They’re so important and meaningful. Marriages have more obstacles thrown at them today than maybe ever. Marriage is a choice and a challenge, all at once.

But I haven’t read enough about “followup marriages”. You know, the ones that come after the first one. I’m a second wife to a second husband. It’s not the same when you’re married for a second time. For the first time, everything is new and fresh, and you’re finding out all about marriage for the first time and together. Not so with a second marriage. It’s not all new but it is a new person, and you come with a whole lot of experiences, some good and some bad. Continue Reading

letting go when you think you can't
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Letting Go When You Think You Can’t

When you have a relationship with someone, they become part of your story. And when that relationship ends – especially if it’s abruptly and without answers – you’re left reeling…wanting those answers, needing closure. It’s the “needing closure” and answers part that keeps us stagnant. It impairs our ability to move on into a healthy relationship. Or to move on at all.

But what if you find yourself unable to get away from the “why” and “what if” and “what did I do wrong?” questions that bounce around in your mind? Here are five things to try that might help you move onward into better places with greater people. Continue Reading

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Realizing Your Dreams on a Budget | Book Review

Every expense is a trade for something else. What you do today either gets you closer to your milestone or trades that milestone for what you want in the moment. ~ Kim Anderson, Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. The Life You Want with the Money You Have


Are you in a constant battle to control your finances…so they don’t control you? It’s a common struggle. Most of us are trying to figure out how to realize our dreams at the same time we’re worried about the cost of that unexpected car repair. Continue Reading